After Years and Years! "The only product that I've tried that strengthens my nails and gets them to grow. Although I've struggled with weak and peeling nails my whole life, this is the only other product that has worked for me. I've tried painting on nail protein, 6 pills of Collagen, and prenatal vitamins after pregnancy, but nothing works as well as this product. I have a farm, so my nails get a workout daily. This product allowed me to finally have nice nails without them being broken down to the skin or peeled off trying to do up a horse's bridle or girth.:

K. H.

"OE HSN I've been using this product for over a year. It truly does make your hair and new hair and nails grow. My skin is also so smooth. I love this!"


“ Wow they Work! Started using it based on a recommendation from a friend. At first, it seemed to work OK, so I gave it 4 months and was not sure it was worth it. I tried another product and was shocked to see how much of my hair would fall out when I showered. Went back to using this, and my hair stopped falling out! Now I have purchased a bottle for my mom."


"Organic Excellence Conditioner I have been using Organic Excellence conditioner since past 5 years when it used to come in a differently designed graphic bottle and now the new one and I must confess that this is the healthiest, cleanest and the most amazing hair product ever created. I still cannot believe how did the Organic Excellence team managed to create/formulate a conditioner which is free form any sulphates, alcohols or associated chemical derivates. This product is truly outstanding and excellent. Please don’t stop making and selling this product as I would need this for the lifetime."


Bio-Identical Progesterone Creams

“As a 44 year-old female, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your progesterone cream, which helped me so much with my anxiety and hair loss, and got me feeling more like myself. When I asked my doctor if I should try a progesterone cream she said she was not aware of such a product, which I found shocking. I am very glad I tried it and I would be thrilled to help you spread the word about your products further, and help as many women as possible.
Many thanks,” T.

“I have 99% of my women who need progesterone using the Organic Excellence brand. This is because it simply better than anything they could get from any other resource out there. Even the compounding centers produce junk. Especially the bases that the progesterone ends up in.

This was the biggest benefit for my wife. She has no tolerance for the junk that is put into most creams. Even the so called natural creams are filled with additions to the formulas to make them look to the average consumer that they are getting so much more for their money. These only act like Xenoestrogens in their own right.

Much like the chemical do that are added to the many other formulas. The key with hormone cream is to make it as plain as you can and not to make it in such a manner that it won’t absorb in. This has been what makes Organic Excellence so much better than all the rest. I have tested all the others in the market place and have found them to be not good in any sense of the word. So you can be proud of the product that you are making available to your clients. I would say to anyone who needs hormone support to get your products and try them for 90 days and see the difference. Thanks Again.” Dr. J.R.

“So, I made it through my first month on Feminine Balance Therapy and the last few days on the cream I finally felt like myself again. It felt wonderful. Day 27 was yesterday so I didn’t take any progesterone, as the day went on I could feel the anxiousness come back I also needed to take a melatonin last night for sleep, which I hadn’t needed. Still waiting for my period. I know balancing takes time and eventually this will all be gone, it just felt good to feel good again.” H.M.

“I am a private practice family doctor in Arizona and have been for 20+ years. It has always been my desire to treat my patients as naturally and safely as possible, so I have gradually and seriously engaged my interests and practice techniques in alternative medicine. Women’s health is a strong interest of mine and I have studied about natural ways to keep women healthy without the known and unknown dangers of hormonal therapy.” M.G.

“Wonderful product! This Progesterone Cream has excellent, clean ingredients, has a beautiful consistency, is easily applied and absorbed, and is more effective than any other progesterone cream I’ve ever tried. I’m functioning better, as well as sleeping better. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to balance hormones. I’ll be using it from now on!” H.S.

“I have used Organic Excellence Natural Progesterone Cream and have always been pleased with its high quality and standard of purity. It is important to be able to rely on such quality. I have used it with great success for irregular bleeding and the symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause. My patients are grateful for the safe and natural approach to their health.” Dr. S.B.

“I had a non-stop period for over 80 days, with a few days respite inbetween . I lost so much blood I became anemic. Two doctors could not help me. My friend gave me feminine balance and after 3 days my bleeding stopped. A miracle. So thankful for this product, even more thankful it is all-natural. THANK YOU!!” M.U. 

“I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate your Organic Excellence Progesterone Cream. For over 30 years, I have suffered from bladder infections and vaginitis, and have spent thousands of dollars and many trips to doctors, plus many hours of suffering- with no results. A friend of mine told me about your product and I could never thank her enough. I am telling you that I recommend the cream to many of my friends. Our youngest daughter sings your praises, as well. She can now wear her contact lenses and her hair has stopped falling out. Thank you again.” M.K.

“Thank you so much for your informative newsletters. I have learned a lot from them over the time I have subscribed. Do keep up the good work. At the moment, the only Organic Excellence product I use is your Progesterone Cream with Phytoestrogens. I am extremely chemically sensitive, and find it difficult to use most commercial products. Your progesterone cream is the only brand I have used that does not sicken me. Thank you so much.” J. W.

“As A Dr. of Chiropractic working in this field for 39 years, I have seen far too many fractures due to osteoporosis. When one of my patients chose to use Organic Excellence Progesterone Cream for 12 months and actually showed improvement on her bone density test, I was even more enthusiastic about this approach. Of course my patients also appreciate the elimination in symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and menopause which often includes muscular-skeletal aches and pains.” Dr. H. McC.

“I’m 49 years old and a few months ago I was going through hell, plus I thought I was losing my mind. Some of the worst of my perimenopausal symptoms included suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, depression, hot flashes, outbursts of anger, vaginal dryness and many sleepless nights. Since starting the OE progesterone cream a couple of months ago, my life has changed tremendously. Most of the symptoms I had have completely subsided or are at manageable levels. I no longer wonder if I can get through menopause…..I know with your Progesterone Cream I WILL.” M.M.G.

“As a Chiropractic Physician practicing natural health care for almost 20 years, I am dedicated to assisting my patients achieve optimal health. I believe that all women, regardless of age, need to be aware of the benefits of natural progesterone cream. We encourage our female patients to read the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, by John R. Lee, MD and to watch the videotape The Breakthrough Treatment for Menopause. M.P.

“I have recommended Organic Excellence Natural Progesterone Cream to my wife, family and female patients. My wife’s allergies of 10 years (which improved with specific nutritional programs but never went away completely) cleared up after just a few months of use. Her use of other brands of progesterone cream were of no benefit. Also, menstrual bloating and menstrual cramping improved significantly. I have received similar reports of benefits like these from many other patients. Female patients of all ages have reported benefits in PMS symptoms, hot flashes and muscular and joint pains. Not all progesterone creams are created equal and I have been very pleased with your product.” Dr.L. Mc

“Just sending you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for your excellent service. I have used your natural progesterone cream for years, and I credit it in large part for a comment my doctor made to me that I look 20 years younger than I am (71). Many, many thanks to you for developing such wonderful products.” C.K.

Joint Pain Therapy

“I have progressive Multiple Sclerosis [MS], which [among other things] affects my leg nerves and muscles. I receive regular Massage Therapy to treat my MS muscle difficulties.  My Certified Massage Therapist uses a number of creams, and specifically Organic Excellence — Inflammation Relief Therapy, particularly for deep muscle massage where the cream reaches into deep muscles providing reduction of deep muscle swelling and temporary pain relief. Another symptom I have is achy leg muscles in the middle of the night. I am awakened by these symptoms every 2-3 hours all night, and the only thing providing me temporary relief is massaging them with some Organic Excellence, Inflammation Relief Therapy.” M.L.

“I have enjoyed all the products from Organic Excellence for many years. At at 70 years old, my restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder, is usually treated with medication. However a few years ago I found a little helper in both of your joint pain formulas. The wonderful ingredients sooth and relax the jumping legs long enough to fall asleep. Please pass this on as I know many people suffer from this condition. Your products are so appreciated.” R.M.

“I think you have wonderful products! My wife had sprained her ankle and couldn’t walk- after massaging it with Joint Pain Formula, within minutes she walked without any pain at all. My fellow doctors also feel as I do. You will probably be hearing from some of them soon. Thanks again.” Dr. S.G.

“I just want you to know how well the Joint Pain Formula is working for me. I am diabetic and have neuropathy in my feet. I use the cream in the morning and at night and it has relieved the pain I was having. Thanks for a great product.” N.B.

“Thank you for having Organic Excellence Joint Pain Formula available. I was introduced to it by my chiropractor. It has worked so very well. I never want to be without it.” L.H.

“The first time I used the OE Joint Pain Formula – Arthritis was on my right thumb which was broken in 1982. The pain was very intense, in a matter of minutes there was considerable relief from just one application. At the same time I was being treated for Gout. At one point I was awakened by a terrible itch on my left ankle from the prescription medication I was taking. The Joint Pain Formula was on my night stand, I used it on my ankle and found relief within a few minutes. Not total relief, but enough that I could go back to sleep. Thanks to the marvelous Organic Excellence product, I am now able to do things that I have not been able to do since October of 2005. Thank you!” H.E.W.

“I’m sure you get a ton of email each day, so this is just to say thanks for all the samples that came in my order. I’m looking forward to trying each of them. It was like Christmas in June! And if all the other products are as good and the Joint Pain Formula- Inflammation…wow. I’ve got a word of mouth campaign going out here for your products – my doctor said she placed an order already. I hope you will see an increase in business and prosperity.” S.S.

“My husband uses your OE Joint Pain Formula Cream on his knees. He has been a masonry contractor most of his life and carries severe pain now in his knees because of it. We bought your product on a whim from a Chiropractor in Sacramento, CA about 4 years ago and have been using it ever since with great success. Thank you.” C.R.

“We would like to thank you for your fine product line and your great customer service. You are the best! A while ago I ordered Joint Pain Formula Inflammation and Arthritis for my knee joint. In no time at all the pain was gone and has not come back. Wow! Also none of the products we have used have ever given us any side effects. You’re a fine company and we thank you again…Also, my wife loves both of your face creams.” K&P R.

Hair Care Collection

Hello!! I have been a huge fan of your brand since about 2016, and have been using wild mint shampoo and conditioner consistently since then! I absolutely adore it, it truly healed my chronically inflamed scalp and has helped my hair grow so thick and healthy! Please please please never discontinue it 🙂 <Heart> I go through quite a few bottles of the shampoo and conditioner a year and I was wondering if you would ever consider selling it in a liter size? Or maybe even a gallon size? That would be amazing! Thank you so much for your amazing products! 🙂

“I just wanted to let you all know that I love your shampoo and conditioner! I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to pretty much everything and shampoo and conditioner. I have spent 20 years of my life trying all kinds have shampoos and conditioners. On average I have tried 5 different kinds of months. Because of my sensitive skin I have had approximately 10 tumors removed and a constant rash on my head which is very painful. I have tried pretty much everything there is to try including prescriptions but nothing worked until I tried your shampoo and conditioner. I have used your product for approximately 3 months without pain and all rashes have gone away. I cannot thank you enough!!!” B.M.

“I have PCOS and Celiac disease so naturally my hair is very thin, brittle, dry, limp and all around lackluster. I bought this conditioner on a whim when I ran out of my usual after seeing it was GF and had clean ingredients. And I will never go back as long as this is on the market! I cannot explain to you how good my hair looks and feels after using this. Shiny, soft, moisturized (not greasy!) and best of all tangle free! I keep making my fiancé run his hands through it, we seriously can’t believe how good it looks. I could honestly cry because I’ve never felt so good about my hair. I will try the shampoo next! Please don’t change a thing!” C.C.

“There’s just not enough room here for me to stress how wonderful it is to use a conditioner that doesn’t make me sick. And the body, oh my gosh, body for days! Thank you for taking care in choosing the ingredients for your products. It’s been a very long time since I was able to use a good conditioner. God bless you.” L.R. 

“This conditioner makes my life complete. This is the by far and away the most simple and most natural conditioner I’ve come across so far and I had been looking for almost 2 years. I am chemically sensitive and being as natural as possible helps out so much. I found a natural replacement for almost everything except hair conditioner. I went a year and half without using any conditioner because I couldn’t find one that was natural enough for me AND didn’t make me break out. But his though, this stuff is the BEST. Please never stop making and please don’t ever change ingredients.” W.D. 

“Finally an all natural and organic conditioner that detangles like butter through my curly hair and is light weight. Great stuff along with the shampoo!” S.Y. 

“I started using your products 4 months ago and my hair has never looked so shiny and healthy! It’s stopped falling out too! I don’t see myself switching products anytime soon.” C.M.

“I don’t usually write reviews or make comments regarding beauty products. But when I tried the shampoo and conditioner I was floored by the results!! My hair has the glow and smoothness like never before. I must add that my hair is not chemically treated, thus my outcome is based on a virgin hair. Really great product. I’m so glad that is organic!!” D.S

“I am writing in praise of Organic Excellence shampoo.  I am 85 and it has taken this long to discover the worlds perfect shampoo. I am just delighted with it. My hair has never been this healthy and this well manageable and all the rest of it.  I thank you for your integrity. The ingredient is fabulous. It could not be better. Thank you so much.” T.J.

“I live in a dry climate and have noticed my hair becoming more brittle. I’ve always had healthy and strong long hair and have been looking for an organic product to help me get that back. Most of the products I have tried either leave my hair too oily or not soft enough. This product is just right! My fly away hairs immediately settled down. I am optimistic that with continued use my hair will look better and better.” T.E. 

“My hair feels amazing after using this. I’ve been trying to regrow my hairline for months and just after one use my baby hairs are just a little bit longer!! Wonderful shampoo!” S.M.  

“I spend approximately 10 months a year at sea. The salt atmosphere dries my scalp, so I have been using your Organic Excellence Shampoo that Russie recommended. I have found that the salt water & atmosphere have had fewer negative effects using your shampoo. I am ordering 6 more bottles for my overseas trip. I recommend your shampoo to everyone and your Skin Renewal Therapy is going to the Caspian Sea with me. Thank you.” C.R.

“Thanks to YOU – yesterday I felt like I had died and gone to shampoo heaven! I have severe scalp allergies to ALL shampoos, from the cheap brands to expensive health food store brands. And it takes only one ingredient in a formula to cause a flair-up along with excessive hair loss. There had been two that worked well enough but are now discontinued. This summer I was beyond desperate, trying one brand after another until I had resigned myself to eventually losing much of my hair. It was only last week that I saw the mint shampoo advertised at one of your distribution sites and ordered a bottle. Well – next week I will be ordering a year’s supply! S.P.

“How can I thank you enough?! You are the most ethical company I’ve ever encountered. PLEASE stay that way. In the meantime, I’ll be spreading the word about your wonderful company.” C.Y.

“When I was told that I had to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer, my doctor told me that I would unfortunately lose all of my hair because chemotherapy caused hair loss, and I had been bleaching my hair for years. But, I didn’t lose any! My doctor asked me what I did to present my hair from falling out, and I told him that the only thing that I could think of was that I have been using Organic Excellence Mint Shampoo and Conditioner for about a year, and that my scalp and hair follicles and oil glands were strong and healthy as possible before the chemotherapy started. He was as surprised and delighted as I was.” T.S.

“This shampoo got rid of the scaliness on my scalp, my hair is smoother.” R.M.

“My scalp feels better, it’s not itchy anymore.” E.A.

“I wish I had known about your company years ago. I no longer wake up with 50 hairs on my pillow.” N.S.

“Thank you for making such a great hair shampoo. Until I started using your shampoo I regularly had to use a whitening shampoo or rinse to keep yellow out of my hair. I haven’t needed a whitener since using your shampoo. I shed far fewer hairs on a daily basis, as does my husband.” P.D.

“I work at Mount Hope Foods in Cottonwood AZ. I appreciate your integrity and the way you have created your products. It’s really wonderful to have such clean, healthy products to recommend to out customers. I really love the shampoo! I have long hair and have had a weird scalp problem for years that is 95% better now that I use your Organic Excellence Shampoo. Since I’ve been through menopause, I noticed my hair thinning out and now it seems to have slowed down a lot! I appreciate you, your company and will recommend your Organic Excellence products every chance I get.” D.S.

“I have spent 4 years searching for a shampoo that would work on both by hair and scalp. I developed a chemical sensitivity to almost everything available and shampoo left my scalp feeling like a fire ant colony was nesting in my hair. I ordered your shampoo and conditioner. As soon as it arrived I rushed to the shower. I was in awe. My hair felt great and my scalp wasn’t burning in the least. The Chemical Free Mint Hair Care System is what dreams are made of!” D.C.

“Love the Shampoo and the Styling Spray. I have no need for the curling iron any more. My hair feels great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” J.C.

“I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the wonderful quality and performance of the products you sell. I’ve used several different kinds of hair care products over many years. Nothing has come close to matching your shampoo and conditioner. The smell, texture and the fantastic results I get from using them has made such a difference. My hair is thicker and shinier. It is so nice to know there is something that really works!!! Both my daughter and my husband have joined me in using the Face & Body Cleanser. The mild scrub in it ingredients leave our skin feeling great.” T.V.

“My daughter has had acne problems and we have watched it clear and become healthier. I have chemical sensitivities and I’m so grateful for it being fragrance free. Thank you for your great products that are good for us and our home.” P.S. 

“For most of my life, I have had a severe chemical sensitivity. I am not able to use any mass marketed shampoos, conditioner, face washes, skin moisturizing products, etc. It’s been extremely expensive, time consuming, and frustrating to hunt for ANYTHING I can actually use. Then my mother introduced me to your products. THANK YOU so much. You’ve made my life much easier. You have saved my life.” L.H.

“Just a note to tell you I enjoy your products. Your Mint Shampoo has been especially helpful to me. Some months ago I had ordered a new shampoo from another company that I thought might help with some hair loss I was noticing in the shower. That shampoo caused my scalp to start itching. I had received a sample of your shampoo with some face cream I ordered from your company, and after a couple of times using the shampoo, the itching on my scalp stopped. So I now use your shampoo and my scalp doesn’t itch and I still am not losing hair in the shower anymore.

I also use your Skin Renewal Therapy in the morning and the Anti-Aging cream in the evening. I’m happy with them as well. Am glad I finally found quality products with no toxic additives that work well. I also appreciate your reasonable prices – unlike so many products that are advertised on infomercials for about 3 times or more the cost of yours, and they contain toxic additives. It took some searching online to find your company, but glad I did. Thanks for providing quality products. I wish you continued success.” J.D.

“I just wanted to compliment you on your Mint Conditioner and Alcohol Free Styling Spray. The Conditioner is hands down the best I’ve ever used on my very long lair, and the spray holds quite well without the chemicals, keep up the great work.” S.I.

Skin Care Collection

“I’ve been using this lotion for a couple of years and it’s the best organic lotion. It’s not greasy and it feels like it actually hydrates my skin. It’s the best lotion ever! Love the buy more deal to get a price reduction. Thank you!” K.B. 

“I am blown away with this product and the anti-aging cream! I can definitely see a difference on my face and neck. I plan to be a lifelong customer. Also, I am extremely chemical sensitive and these products work for me.” L.R. 

“Thank you so much for formulating an anti-aging cream that I can actually use without allergic reactions. This stuff is fantastic. I use it along with the C–max skin renewal cream and the two products together are absolutely addicting. My skin feels great and definitely looks less “old and tired”. Please never stop making this stuff.” L.R.

“I’ve been a loyal customer for some time and I continue to enjoy your products. My favorites are the shampoo, body wash, face creams, and of course, the Progesterone cream. I use only “clean” products for personal use and for household use. I’m very, very fussy! If I had to pick one product, I like the most, it would be Skin Renewal Therapy. I simply love it! I have very sun damaged skin from being Caucasian and born, and raised in Hawaii. My skin needs all the TLC I can give it and your products provide it.” S.V.

“I love the hand and body lotion. The best I have ever used. I only wish this came in a bigger size. I go through it extremely fast.” C.B.  

“Your Anti-Aging Therapy is the best cream I have ever used!! Because of its silky texture, it can be used as a day cream for very dry skin. I have tried many other organic creams, and this one truly has made a difference in my skin texture. I wake up with soft, not dry skin. The balanced formula doesn’t cause oiliness, large pores or break outs; yet moisturizes so well. This is my cream for life!! Thank you Organic Excellence for making products that are not only pure, but work so well.” T.D.

“I recently attended a Health Fair with my company within the past 2 months and was given samples of both the C-max and the Silk Protein Formula Creams. I immediately started using them and have seen such fantastic results! I have searched high and low for a products that would help clear my acne, reduce my wrinkles and repair the damaged skin and scars I had. These are the ONLY products that work. I love that I only need a little amount everyday. I have been freaking out since my samples ran out yesterday. I ordered some today – Please get it here quick!” T.C.

“I love it!!! I just got my facial products from you yesterday. I tried them last night and this morning… and LOVE THEM!!! Thanks SO Much. I have tried the facial products I know I will use them from now on. Just thought you would like my input. I have never met an OE product I did not like. LOL! All the Best.” D.O.

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the Silk Protein Formula Cream at night and the C-Max Vitamin C Skin Repair Formula Cream during the day…and I love them both! They are awesome! What great products…I love how they make my face feel. Thank you so much.” L.S.C.

“I love your Hand & Body Therapy and have been using it for over 7 years. It is amazing and especially nice because it is a clean product. As a breast cancer savior clean beauty products are important to me. Thank you!” D.Y. 

Customer Service and General

“I love the products and didn’t have an allergic reaction! I’ll be placing an order soon and am excited to continue using the organic excellence products. They are truly amazing and I’m so happy I finally found products that work! S.P.

“Thank you for including the product samples with my order. Now I’ll have the opportunity to try more of your products.” L.W.

“I have been using your products for many years and have referred my family and friends to you. Thank you.” C.M.

“I appreciate the excellent quality of your various products, and equally great service and cooperation I have consistently received from all in your organization. It is a pleasure. Thank you and best regards.” L.S.C.

“I have recently tried several of your products and absolutely love them. I have tried many chemical free products and have been most impressed by yours. I am very interested in becoming a distributor of your products, because I want to share them with others who are also considering to use effective chemical free products. I currently have a nutritional supplement business and would like to add your products to my inventory. Please let me know if a distributorship is available in Kentucky.” B.S.

“I would just like to thank you and all of Organic Excellence for the most outstanding service that you provide for your customers. You company is outstanding. I just ordered online for the first time and I could not believe that 1. there was free shipping on my order and 2. my order was shipped across two states in less than two business days! I was so surprised to see that, on TOP of receiving my order so soon, there were samples included with my purchase, a truly smart move because I will most likely purchase the conditioner and other products because I can try them before hand. I was introduced to Organic Excellence by a friend.

I have tried and tested so many of the products out there and have become so disgusted with the cosmetic and personal care industries ability to make billions off of the misinformed or uninformed general public and, having been introduced to Organic Excellence I consider my friend a true Godsend! Organic Excellence products truly have changed my life and it gives me hope for all of us when companies like yours are out there making this world a better place, one life at a time. So, I thank you, and not only for your great service, but also your products! Keep making more products.” J.J.

Medical Disclaimer:

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical doctor. Organic Excellence does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have or suspect a mental or physical health condition, please see your healthcare provider.