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At-Home Test Kit: Vitamin D

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At-Home Test Kit – Vitamin D (Under Construction)
Vitamin D Profile – 25-OH D2, 25-OH D3, Total level
Hormonal balance is the key to health,
happiness, and long-term wellness!

Many are unaware that vitamin D is not officially a vitamin – but actually a Prohormone. In fact, we make most of our vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight.

Statistics show a third of Americans have insufficient levels of vitamin D, with a leading cause being lack of sun exposure. This is common in northern climates where people don’t spend as much time outdoors, but studies indicate that even people in sunnier regions are often deficient due to concerns about the ill effects of too much sun.

Testing – The First Step to Achieving Hormonal Balance

To restore hormonal balance, we first need a detailed, accurate measurement of your hormone levels. Not just numbers, but an assessment that offers real meaning. Our At-Home Test Kits provide a simple, accurate, and inexpensive way to determine the function of your body’s unique hormonal system. The easily interpreted test results can alert you to hormonal imbalances in need of your attention.

Collection Type: Blood Spot

Blood is the only appropriate medium to assess all aspects of Vitamin D levels in our bodies. Our tests use the most scientifically appropriate medium, dried blood spot, for our full analysis.

Vitamin D for Women and Men:

Vitamin D is important because it has a complex regulatory effect upon calcium in our bodies and in the mineralization of our bones. But that’s only skimming the surface of its function. Additional research shows vitamin D can play a protective role against certain cancers, the development of diabetes, and heart disease.

Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with hyperinsulinemia and increased belly fat, as well as contributing to psoriasis and acne. Additionally, sufficient levels of vitamin D, estrogen, and testosterone are important for maintaining bone health in the menopause years.

Hormone Balance with USP Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is considered the “master hormone” and is necessary for the production and balance of other important hormones, primarily estrogen and testosterone. Therefore, progesterone has the natural ability to help produce and regulate all hormones in the body. However, progesterone levels become significantly lower as we age, thus disrupting the fine balance of the entire endocrine (hormonal) system.

The Organic Excellence USP Bio-Identical Progesterone Creams offer a safe, all-natural way to support overall hormonal balance. Unlike prescribed hormone replacement therapy, they are free of contraindications and side effects and are a helpful ally for women and men of all ages.

Return Policy: Due to the nature of the At-Home Test Kits, we are unable to offer a refund once your test has been submitted for analysis. A restocking fee will be applied to returned test kits that remain unopened. Thank you for your understanding!


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