Hormone Health

Hormonal Changes Can Affect Anyone

It isn’t just menopausal women who experience hormone imbalance. Younger women can struggle with PMS, PCOS, or infertility. Women and men can experience weight gain, mood changes, low libido, or exhaustion.

Natural hormone creams could be your answer.

Sometimes your body just needs a little support. Maybe you’re experiencing ‘estrogen dominance,’ where your estrogen levels are out of balance with progesterone. Maybe you have an imbalance of other hormones, like testosterone.

Natural hormone creams can bring you back to balance.

Our hormones are just like yours.

Any hormones in Organic Excellence creams are bioidentical (also called ‘natural’). That means they are exactly the same as the hormones your body makes. Your cells will recognize them and easily respond.

Whereas synthetic hormones (like progestin) have been linked to health risks like breast cancer and heart disease, natural and bioidentical hormones (like progesterone) have not.

Wouldn't you like to feel more like this?

  • Better Energy
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Higher Libido
  • Moister Skin
  • Fewer Wrinkles
  • Healthier Hair
  • Easier Cycles
  • Fewer Hot Flashes
  • Happier Mood 

Choose the Hormone Cream Best for You

Feminine Balance Therapy is formulated without phytoestrogens – ideally for young or perimenopausal women.
Balance Plus Therapy is formulated with phytoestrogens – ideally for menopausal or postmenopausal women.
Masculine Balance Therapy is our progesterone cream specifically for men experiencing andropause. Men benefit from the added Pumpkin Seed and Saw Palmetto which work synergistically with USP progesterone to help enhance testosterone levels and regulate the production of estrogen in the male body.

We're leading the way in bioidentical hormones.

Organic Excellence has been a pioneer in the field of bioidentical hormones since 1999. Our USP progesterone is recommended by top health experts and formulated to meet the strict criteria established by international authority, Dr. John Lee.

See what others are saying

 “My partners and I have tried several bio-identical progesterone creams along with nutrition and detoxification in our urology and sex hormone endocrinology work with great success. We have noticed breasts are less dense when using your cream compared with compounding pharmacy products. We are convinced yours is the best!”

 “This stuff is amazing. I’m post-menopausal. I’d taken some prescribed hormone therapy from my doctor, previously, but it didn’t seem to do much at all. I tried this stuff and possibly applied too much because my menstrual cycle actually came back! I backed off the dosage and got just what I wanted: more supple skin and more elasticity where it matters!”

 “I just finished my 1st jar of the feminine balance therapy which I started to help deal with and reverse symptoms of estrogen dominance. 3 years ago I lost twins at 11 weeks pregnant and suffered from infertility since. After one jar of this and including systemic enzymes in my routine, I am now 6 weeks pregnant! There are natural options to infertility and to simply restore the balance to our bodies and this cream was a game changer in that process for me. Thank you Organic Excellence!!!”

“I used this to try and regulate my cycles and sustain a pregnancy and it worked amazingly! One cycle I started it on day 14 and used it until my period then the next cycle I ovulated a week earlier than usual and got pregnant. I think my long cycles and late ovulation were what lead to my miscarriages and inability to get pregnant. I think ovulating earlier made my uterine lining more favorable once implantation occurred. However, once I got my positive test I did switch to an oral supplement to ensure maximum absorption of the progesterone.”

 “I had a non-stop period for over 80 days, with a few days respite in between. I lost so much blood I became anemic. Two doctors could not help me. My friend gave me feminine balance and after 3 days my bleeding stopped. A miracle. So thankful for this product, even more, thankful it is all-natural. THANK YOU!!”
 “My partners and I have tried several bio-identical progesterone creams along with nutrition and detoxification in our urology and sex hormone endocrinology work with great success. We have noticed breasts are less dense when using your cream compared with compounding pharmacy products. We are convinced yours is the best!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our progesterone cream products are USP regulated and bioidentical. Many progesterone creams on the market include harsh chemicals, many of which disrupt the endocrine system. Our progesterone cream products are plant-based, toxin-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They are made frequently in small batches to assure optimum results.

USP stands for United States Pharmacopia. This is a quality assurance regulatory commission that oversees strict standards of quality control. Always look for USP on progesterone cream labels to be assured of the highest quality product available.  

USP progesterone is derived from diosgenin, which is a naturally occurring compound in wild yam and soy. Some manufacturers try to promote wild yam creams as a source of ‘natural progesterone,’ but the body cannot convert diosgenin into active progesterone. Our products provide progesterone in a form that is recognized by your body as if it were your own.

Many people choose to try natural progesterone cream based on the signs and symptoms they are experiencing. Another option is to test your hormone levels before using the cream as a baseline and then on a regular basis to monitor your response. We offer at-home hormone test kits here.

Progesterone cream should not be used in children. The safety of progesterone has not been established in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if you are using progesterone at the time you become pregnant, please do not stop until your own body is producing enough progesterone to maintain pregnancy. Always talk with your doctor about any safety concerns you have.

Men need progesterone to produce testosterone. When men have low progesterone, they also have low testosterone. This could lead to depression, weight gain, enlarged breasts, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, or fatigue.

It’s time to feel beautiful and balanced!

Bioidentical progesterone creams support hormone balance so you can enjoy a better sense of well-being and vibrant health at any stage of life.

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