Hair Care

Are You Gluten Intolerant Without Realizing It?

Did you know that you can become gluten intolerant at any time and that it’s especially common as we age? A change in intestinal bacteria which can result from antibiotics, surgery, an infection or stress, is all that it takes to trigger it. Yet, 99% of people with gluten intolerance are never diagnosed. Gluten intolerance […]

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The Importance of Choosing Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Originally, soap and shampoo were very similar products, both containing the same naturally derived ingredients with herbs usually added to give hair shine and fragrance. In the 1930’s, Proctor & Gamble introduced Royal Drene, the first shampoo using synthetic sulfates. Fast forward to 2007 when people became more aware of the downside of these harsh […]

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Secrets to Vibrant, Healthy Hair

Did you know that your body absorbs up to 60% of what you put on your skin? Well, the human scalp is even more porous and easily absorbs whatever is applied to it. Most hair care products, including the shampoo and conditioners used on a daily basis, are laden with harmful, toxic chemicals that are […]

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