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8 Ways Young Women Can Naturally Balance Progesterone Levels

8 Ways Young Women Can Naturally Balance Progesterone Levels

Did you know that many women experience noticeable hormone imbalance before even reaching perimenopause or menopause? It’s important to remember that the body produces progesterone with ovulation. So, if ovulation is disrupted for any reason, progesterone levels begin to drop. Let’s explore some of the natural ways to get your progesterone levels balances, and make those hormones happy!

1.) De-stress! As I’ve mentioned before, stress is one factor that can lower our progesterone so learn to slow down. Prioritize, delegate and get rid of things that are not worth your time. Relax with yoga, meditation and even simple deep breathing.

2.) Consider using progesterone creams. You can get our naturally pure bio-identical progesterone cream, called Feminine Balance Therapy on our website OrganicExcellence.com. It can really help naturally restore hormone balance in young women, as well as women of all ages.

3.) Choose organic protein. If you’re feeling anxious or sad, tryptophan (an amino acid) may somehow ease how you’re feeling because it can balance your serotonin levels. Foods rich in this amino acid include hemp seeds, chia, quinoa, spirulina and a lot of nuts and seeds. More of plant-based proteins. If you want to eat meat, grass-fed is the best way to go. tryptophan can also be taken as a supplement as 5-HTP. Vitamins B6 and D, magnesium and zinc are also good in balancing serotonin levels.

4.) Make Adaptogenic herbs part of your diet. Adaptogens are balancing compounds found in herbs like Chasteberry/Vitex, Rosemary, Licorice, Ginseng, Ashwagandha Milk Thistle and Holy Basil [links]. You can have them together with your meals or you may do a homemade remedy out from them, just like this adrenal support tea which is filled with Adaptogenic herbs!

5.) Avoid using plastic things. Xenoestrogens are your progesterone’s nemesis, because it messes up your hormone balance big time by suppressing progesterone. Guess what? Plastic products have a lot of Xenoestrogens plus they also have toxins and Free radicals.

6.) Eat fiber-rich foods. Flush out xenoestrogen by eating high fiber foods like cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, beans, berries and all kinds of citrus fruits.

7.) Keep your weight under control. The more extra fats we have, the more estrogen we produce. This is because testosterone automatically converts excess fats to estrogen. It will help if we keep our weight within normal by doing regular exercise, eating healthier and sleeping better. You may also want to find out what’s causing your weight gain, because it can be due to thyroid issues.

8.) Try acupuncture. It’s one of the most effective ways to relieve muscle tension, increase blood circulation and boost energy levels.

Make those hormones happy!

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