Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream and Breast Cancer

Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream and Breast Cancer

Compelling research offers insight into natural progesterone’s ability to help defend against breast cancer, indicating that the use of bio-identical progesterone is associated with a decreased risk of this rapidly growing health issue. Progesterone has also shown beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, including decreasing the risk of blood clots, protecting against atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and maintaining healthy HDL levels. But, the focus of this Wellness Education piece is on the breast health benefits of progesterone, which many women are deficient in.

A great number of studies provide clues about the factors contributing to breast cancer. One of the most significant factors is synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), specifically estrogens. There are similar risks for younger women who use birth control pills, which are also comprised of synthetic hormones, and have been linked to both cervical and breast cancers. Still, each of us are increasingly exposed to estrogen-like compounds called Xenoestrogens. “Estrogen pollution” is present everywhere, from plastics to canned food and drinks, food additives, household cleaning products and pesticides. And, estrogen levels are rising in our waterways as a result of the runoff from factory animal farms.

When researchers analyzed the risk of breast cancer in women under age 51, those with the highest progesterone levels had a staggering 70% decreased risk compared to the group with the lowest progesterone levels. For women diagnosed with breast cancer, findings from two other studies revealed that survival rates were strongly correlated with the patient’s progesterone levels at the time of surgery. The scientists concluded: “This study has confirmed that a raised level of progesterone at the time of tumor excision is associated with an improvement in prognosis for women with operable breast cancer.” 

According to Dr. John Lee in his bestselling book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer:

• Estrogen is a major cause of cancer

• To lower your risk of breast cancer, use bio-identical progesterone cream.

• If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, decrease cell proliferation with progesterone.

• Progesterone levels at the time of breast cancer surgery affect survival rates.

Bio-identical progesterone has the same exact molecular structure as what is produced by the body naturally. This means, the body does not distinguish between supplemental bio-identical progesterone applied topically, and those it naturally produces. As a result, bio-identical progesterone is properly utilized, and is able to be naturally metabolized and excreted from the body. 

If you are experiencing the symptoms associated with PMS, perimenopause or menopause, please consider using our chemical, fragrance, gluten and GMO free Feminine Balance Therapy. Safe and effective, it will naturally relieve your symptoms by balancing all of the hormones in your body while nurturing your entire endocrine system. Best of all, it offers added protection against breast cancer along with many other great health benefits. 

Medical Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical doctor. Organic Excellence does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have or suspect a mental or physical health condition, please see your healthcare provider.

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