Fragrance and Gluten Free Skin Care

Fragrance and Gluten Free Skin Care

Although most products claim to prevent and even erase the signs of aging while moisturizing your skin, the vast majority of the skin care products available in the marketplace are filled with harmful chemical ingredients that only dry and damage your skin over time. Petroleum by products such as mineral oil is often listed first on their labels, meaning it is the primary ingredient.

While it might make your skin feel soft and silky initially, mineral oil creates a thick layer over your skin, clogging your pours and making it impossible for your skin to breathe. Not only is it a harmful, endocrine disrupting chemical, mineral oil attracts and holds toxic materials on your surface of your skin. Ultimately, any product containing mineral  oil or other petroleum based ingredients, will cause dry skin and accelerate the signs of aging.

The aromatic compounds typically used in most skin care products are neurotoxins. Known allergens, they are toxic to your nervous system. When you use facial creams, body lotion, soaps, etc. made with synthetic fragrances, you expose yourself and those around you to powerful, harmful chemicals. Even people who aren’t chemically sensitive report discomfort when exposed to fragrances in skin care and personal care products.

Parabens are used less frequently since studies revealed their many health risks. Unfortunately, many “natural” products now use phenoxyethenol as their preservative of choice. Although it is considered a less toxic alternative, research is showing that phenoxyethenol isn’t as safe as it was once believed either. Our only “preservative” is certified organic Grape Seed Extract.

The good news is, your skin is dynamic and ever-changing. In fact, skin cells rejuvenate every 27 days. And, we have just the products to help you restore a healthy, youthful glow. Apply Skin Renewal Therapy after cleansing. With a high concentration of L-Ascorbic Vitamin C; the only vitamin C proven to stimulate collagen production and increase skin cell renewal, it’s the perfect foundation for healthy skin.

Next, smooth on our rich and creamy Anti-Aging Therapy. This silk protein formula helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and redness while helping to repair sun damage.

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